We advise and support you in the area of real estate and real estate property law to offer pragmatic solutions. Our services include, among other things, advice on property rights in connection with land, neighboring rights or easements and mortgages.

The core area of real estate law is condominium ownership law. Our team supports and advises in substantiation, in particular with the preparation of substantiation files and regulations as well as in communicating with the responsible notary’s office / land registry. We also advise on the collection of joint contributions or the establishment of liens against defaulting co-owners.

Our team is equally competent to support you in real estate transactions, the sale or acquisition of land, commercial and residential property, as well as in tenancy law or the development of real estate projects. We assist in negotiations with lenders and sponsors for the financing of such projects. We also assist in negotiations between investors, sellers and developers for the development of construction projects. With regard to the regulation of the acquisition of real estate by foreigners Lex Koller (Second Residence Act), we will advise and represent you in the corresponding approval procedure before the cantonal authorities.


  • Lex Koller / Second Residence Act

  • Real Estate

  • Property Gain

  • Land Register

  • Building Contractor’s Lien, Neighboring Rights, Mortgages, Easements

  • Condominium Ownership, Co-ownership, Total Ownership

  • Public Law Restrictions on Ownership



Diego Benz als neues Mitglied bei WAL

15. März 2022|

Wir gratulieren Diego Benz herzlich als neustes Mitglied bei der WAL. Die WAL International AG ist ein Unternehmen, welches sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat Verträge, Know-How und den Zugang zu Anwälten und Anwältinnen über

Philippe Kaiser als Prüfungsexperte

4. November 2020|

Philippe Kaiser wirkt seit vielen Jahren an der eidgenössischen Berufsprüfung zum Einkaufsfachmann / Einkaufsfachfrau des Fachverbands für Einkauf und Supply Management - procure.ch als Prüfungsexperte mit. Im Prüfungsfach (internationales) Vertragsrecht  nimmt er die mündlich