In the Canton of Zug there is both a municipal and a private notary’s office. These are responsible for drawing up public deeds in the field of corporate or civil law and for certifying signatures or copies.

All our notaries are also practicing lawyers. Due to their extensive experience in advising clients in all areas of matrimonial and inheritance law as well as commercial law, they will competently support you in negotiations for the drafting of marriage and inheritance contracts or wills as well as in the process of founding or mutating a company. Thanks to our good and long-standing connection with representatives of the relevant commercial registers, we ensure that business is conducted smoothly.

Our regular services in business law range from the establishment of companies in cash or with contribution of assets, to the establishment with crypto-currencies and the establishment of foundations, mergers, transformations, mutations, transfers of assets, demergers and other procedures according to the Merger Act as well as capital increase and reduction, post-liquidation or the dissolution and liquidation of companies. Furthermore, we support and prepare wills, inheritance contracts, marriage contracts, pension contracts and waivers of inheritance.

With great commitment and flexibility, our team is also available for short-term and urgent matters. We are known for our comprehensive support throughout the process. In cooperation with local notaries, we also advise and support you in preparing documentation for notarizations in other cantons.


  • Authentications for Domestic and International use

  • Affidavits

  • Statutory Declarations on Oath

  • Notarizations for all Matrimonial Property Law, Inheritance Law and Adult Property Law

  • Establishment of Companies and Foundations

  • Mergers, Transformations, Mutations, Transfer of Assets



Top Anwaltskanzlei 2023

1. Mai 2023|

Bereits zum fünften Mal sind wir als Top Anwaltskanzlei ausgezeichnet worden. Die Zeitschrift Bilanz und der Verlag PME führen jährlich eine Liste der besten Anwaltskanzleien basierend auf Empfehlungen von Rechtsanwälten und Mandanten (Peer-to-Peer-Befragung). Wir

Diego Benz als neues Mitglied bei WAL

15. März 2022|

Wir gratulieren Diego Benz herzlich als neustes Mitglied bei der WAL. Die WAL International AG ist ein Unternehmen, welches sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat Verträge, Know-How und den Zugang zu Anwälten und Anwältinnen über

Philippe Kaiser als Prüfungsexperte

4. November 2020|

Philippe Kaiser wirkt seit vielen Jahren an der eidgenössischen Berufsprüfung zum Einkaufsfachmann / Einkaufsfachfrau des Fachverbands für Einkauf und Supply Management - als Prüfungsexperte mit. Im Prüfungsfach (internationales) Vertragsrecht  nimmt er die mündlich