If someone unlawfully causes damage to another, the question arises as to how this damage can be compensated for in terms of assets. Compensation for damages is important as numerous insurance companies financially compensate damages. We support you competently and expeditiously if insurance companies want to evade their obligation to pay you benefits. Furthermore, we support you as a victim of an accident and as a patient as well as your relatives in enforcing their claims against insurance companies and other private individuals. The more serious the accident or the consequences of the accident, the sooner we recommend that you seek legal assistance.

Our team is well-versed in providing you with expert advice as we have years of experience in all liability and insurance law matters. If you have any questions regarding compensation and insurance, our team will help you to obtain your rights. We will also help you clarify whether your liability insurance will cover your lawyer’s fees and we will promptly coordinate the financial possibilities with your legal expenses insurance. Our focus lies in the amicable settlement of the dispute; nevertheless, we are always ready to successfully defend you or your legal claims in court.


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  • Disability Insurance

  • Unemployment Insurance

  • Professional Pension

  • Old-age and Survivors‘ Insurance