Contract law includes all regulations which determine the formation of a contract, its effects and termination. The party to a contract may be a natural person (a human being) or a legal entity (a joint-stock company, limited liability company, etc.). Very often contractual relationships are concluded in everyday life – even unconsciously. For example, if you buy a book for your holidays, you conclude a contract of sale. If, for example, a major legal transaction is involved, such as renovating a house, contractual negotiations are held regularly before the contract is concluded.

We support you with fundamental expertise to provide you with comprehensive support throughout the entire process – from contract negotiations and drafting contracts to renegotiations and any disputes between the contracting parties. In addition, we can assist you in solving complex contract law problems and in drafting tailor-made contracts with expertise in particular areas of law.

Many legal provisions on contract law can be found in the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR), among other special laws, such as the Consumer Credit Act. Within the OR, the provisions are divided into the general part (AT) and the special part (BT). The general part of the Code of Obligations deals with, among other things, the creation, effect and extinction of obligations as well as the assignment of claims or the assumption of debt. The special part regulates the individual contractual relationships, such as the contract of sale or gifts, leases, employment contracts, contracts for work, mandates, etc.


  • Consensus

  • Lack of Will

  • Content of Contract

  • Deadlines

  • Adaption of Contracts