Our partners and experts Patrik Odermatt and Philippe J.A. Kaiser have positioned themselves as trustees, private administrators of bankruptcy and liquidators. The joint venture between “Kendris Ltd.” and “Kaiser Odermatt & Partner AG” bears the name INSOLVENSIS. The vision: to provide companies in special situations with a fresh start out of insolvency. As private administrators of bankruptcy, our experts at INSOLVENSIS also support the debt collection and bankruptcy offices in the handling of bankruptcies.

INSOLVENSIS, based in the heart of Zug, provides services in the areas of probate proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings and liquidation proceedings.

Probate proceedings:
– Administrator mandates
– Forbearance actions
– Inventory of assets and liabilities
– Restructuring
– Dept restructuring agreements
– Management (business continuation)
– Administration of proceedings
– Organisation of creditors’ meetings
– Bookkeeping and accounting

Bankruptcy proceedings:
– Private administration of bankruptcy
– Bankruptcy processing
– Administration of proceedings
– Collocation
– Utilization
– Distribution
– Bookkeeping and accounting

Liquidation proceedings:
– Liquidation processing
– Valuation of assets
– Sale of assets
– Liquidation accounting