On March 16 2020, the Federal Council issued the  COVID-19 Ordinance 2  and resulting in Art. 6a which creates the possibility for stock corporations to hold their general meetings in written or electronic form (by e-voting) and thus without the presence of shareholders with immediate effect. This decision of the Federal Council is in any case historic and is to be welcomed.  Up to now, there was no explicit provision that general meetings could be held electronically. In some cases, the opinion was expressed that Swiss company law offered a scope for this. Due to the start of the AGM season and the prevailing corona crisis, the question has arisen for public limited companies as to whether and how thy can hold their forthcoming general meetings, especially since a ban on events has been declared. With the newly enacted measures of the Federal Council, it was no longer only larger stock corporations that faced a challenge. The current situation forced the Federal Council to react quickly. It will be both exciting and interesting to see how the new rules can be implemented in practice.