We offer you both expert knowledge and know-how in insolvency / debt collection and bankruptcy law. Our focus is on providing first-class services in all aspects of insolvency law coupled with the necessary clout for litigation. We regularly advise companies or creditors in insolvency and bankruptcy law litigation, in the filing or enforcement of claims or disputed claims in debt enforcement proceedings, as well as in attachment or bankruptcy. Furthermore, we represent debtor companies or other management bodies in the field of debt collection and bankruptcy law.

In the event of impending insolvency, in the case of reorganizations and restructurings as well as in the introduction of structural measures in the reorganization and liquidation processes, our team will provide you with comprehensive and competent advice. As a result of our long and extensive experience, we can successfully enforce your claims when representing you in front of the relevant authorities and courts. In addition, we will support you in the area of national and international enforcement as well as in proceedings for the recognition of foreign bankruptcies.


  • Monetary Claims

  • Pecuniary Securities

  • Operation

  • Legal Openings

  • Actions for Recognition and Withdrawal; Negative Declaratory Actions

  • Bankruptcy / Insolvency Proceedings

  • Lien Arrest

  • Collocation Procedure



50th digital foundation in the canton of Zug

22. February 2021|

The Zug Commercial Registry Office has registered the 50th company in cooperation with the partners from the digitalisation project "digitalise foundig process" (IBM, dvbern, Proxeus, VZ VermögensZentrum, weblaw.ch and Kaiser Odermatt & Partner). Diego