Project Description

Hanspeter Simmen is a fiduciary for almost 30 years. With his experience, there is more or less no topic in the accounting and administration of companies that he does not already know.

Hanspeter Simmen worked in the legal entity department of the tax authority of the Canton of Zug for several years. He made then the decision to provide is services to the clients as a fiduciary. He has always worked closely with lawyers and notaries. He is therefore also familiar with legal problems of entrepreneurs and companies.


  • Accounting (set-up, organisation, book keeping, annual financial statement)
  • Tax consultancy (tax returns, withholding tax, V.A.T.)
  • Payroll administration (payroll accounting, social security deductions)
  • Administration of companies


  • Kaiser Odermatt & Partner Treuhand AG
  • advo Trust AG
  • Anwaltsbüro Dr. Andreas Renggli
  • Treuhänder mit eidg. Fachausweis
  • Steuerbehörde des Kt. Zug, Abteilung jur. Personen


  • Several mandates as board member

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