If you are a foreigner and wish to purchase real estate in Switzerland, you may need a permit. A distinction must be made between foreigners domiciled in Switzerland and foreigners not domiciled in Switzerland.

Residence in Switzerland

EU/EFTA citizens domiciled in Switzerland have the same rights as Swiss citizens when acquiring real estate and therefore do not require a permit. Third-country nationals (non-EU/EFTA states) with legal and actual residence in Switzerland may acquire real estate for their own residential purposes. A valid residence permit is required (as a rule, Ausländerausweis B). For the acquisition of holiday homes (second homes), foreigners domiciled in Switzerland also require a permit.

Legal entities domiciled in Switzerland may acquire real estate provided there is no foreign control. This is the case if a person abroad own more than 1/3 of the capital or have granted significant loans.

Without domicile in Switzerland

The Canton of Zug has no contingents for holiday homes, which is why it is not possible for people abroad to purchase them in the Canton of Zug. Legal entities domiciled abroad may only acquire permanent establishments.

Determination of residence

A residence permit B or C is not sufficient to determine the place of residence. The place of residence is the place where the person intends to stay permanently. The decisive factor is where the focus of a person’s personal life is, where he or she regularly resides during periods off work, where he or she cultivates family and friendly relationships, and where he or she participates in social life. Examples of this are the employment relationship, ordinary tax liability, regular membership of an association, transport passes or a joint household with a spouse or partner.

Procedure for the acquisition of property

If a foreigner wishes to purchase a house, apartment or property, it must be clarified with the competent authority whether all the necessary requirements have been met or whether you need to obtain a permit. Our experts will happily assist you.