From January 1 2020, after a positive conclusion of the marriage preparation procedure, a wedding ceremony can be performed without a ten-day waiting period.

According to the current law, the wedding ceremony can be performed at the earliest ten-days after the notification of the completion of preparatory proceedings. After parliament has approved the abolition of this waiting period on September 28 2018, the Federal Council will put it into effect on January 1 2020. However, the wedding ceremony must still be performed a maximum of three months after the conclusion of the preparatory procedure.

This does not change anything in the marriage preparation process. In the preparatory procedure, the following requirements for the marriage will be reviewed as before.

  • Bride and groom are at least 18 years old and are capable of judgement.
  • If the bride or groom is not a Swiss citizen, she or he must prove her or his legal residence in Switzerland during the preparation procedure and at the latest at the wedding ceremony.
  • Straight relatives, siblings and half-siblings are not allowed to marry each other.

Furthermore, it is excluded that any impediments to marriage or grounds for invalidity stand in the way of marriage. This includes in particular the clarifications in case of suspicion of forced marriage or marriage of convenience.

The abolition of the ten-day period between the end of the preparatory proceedings and the wedding will make the marriage procedure faster and more streamlined.