Are you planning a merger as a growth strategy; are you thinking about diversification into new sectors or about succession planning or are you looking for new types of financing or equity investments? Many of our partners can contribute their entrepreneurial experience as board members in major Swiss companies and successfully solve legal problems with pragmatic approaches even outside the „box“.


Numerous situations in a company can give rise to changes with the aim of improving the organizational, business or market conditions of a company. The reason can be, for example, the rapid development in global competition for change or the digital change in organizations. If strategic problems of a company are not recognized in time, the consequences are often drastic. Targets are missed and the financial performance of the company decreases gradually. If this results in unforeseeable negative events, the situation will quickly escalate into a liquidation crisis. Early analyses of the strategic, operational and financial position of your company structure is the foundation for a successful reorientation of a company. We have consultants with practical experience who will accompany you in this process in an action-oriented manner.

Succession planning

Sooner or later every entrepreneur has to think about their succession. Succession planning is strategically important. The success of the company should be safeguarded in the future and experience, knowledge and expertise should be preserved. A suitable successor for the company is not always found within the family, so successful succession planning should commence years before it is implemented. For prospective buyers, the question of succession financing arises. As experts in M&A consulting, we know the challenges you may encounter when selling or buying a company. Our top priority is to provide high quality support through pragmatic solutions in connection with the various types of M&A transactions, acquisitions, auctions as well as public takeover offers, joint ventures (national and international) and real estate transactions.


Growth can often be achieved by merging with competitors. However, a merger is also associated with risks. It is crucial to perform a thorough screening of the company’s tax, legal and financial aspects. Just as important, however, is a common vision and the integration of a common corporate culture, which is decisive for the long-term success of the company.

Our lawyers, notaries and experts will support you with their extensive experience in the execution of reorganization, succession planning and financing, or a merger or acquisition. We monitor legislative and regulatory developments that could have an impact on you and, among other things, carry out legal due diligence of a company, negotiate the necessary contracts and optimize the capital and tax structure. Our focus is on advising and accompanying public and private companies.


  • Company Acquisition

  • Merger

  • Split-off

  • M&A

  • Joint ventures

  • Escrow Contracts

  • Public take-over Bids

  • Real Estate Transactions



Top Anwaltskanzlei 2023

1. Mai 2023|

Bereits zum fünften Mal sind wir als Top Anwaltskanzlei ausgezeichnet worden. Die Zeitschrift Bilanz und der Verlag PME führen jährlich eine Liste der besten Anwaltskanzleien basierend auf Empfehlungen von Rechtsanwälten und Mandanten (Peer-to-Peer-Befragung). Wir

Diego Benz als neues Mitglied bei WAL

15. März 2022|

Wir gratulieren Diego Benz herzlich als neustes Mitglied bei der WAL. Die WAL International AG ist ein Unternehmen, welches sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat Verträge, Know-How und den Zugang zu Anwälten und Anwältinnen über

Philippe Kaiser als Prüfungsexperte

4. November 2020|

Philippe Kaiser wirkt seit vielen Jahren an der eidgenössischen Berufsprüfung zum Einkaufsfachmann / Einkaufsfachfrau des Fachverbands für Einkauf und Supply Management - als Prüfungsexperte mit. Im Prüfungsfach (internationales) Vertragsrecht  nimmt er die mündlich